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So, I was thinking that a way of making the Guild more homely for us members, most of which don't know each other in real life, we should start sharing things about ourselves and common interests. And I think music is something everyone likes and ...
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Gona try out the game with Klasa. Anybody wana join us in some casual fun while we wait for CF?
Small TheEternalRat 4y
TheEternalRat8195Small TheEternalRat 4y

Lets try TERA?

So I talk to the good folks and our allies over in Sugoi and they are playing TERA to get used to the action combat that it looks like crowfall will have. Their leader Cuddles says it is among the best at action combat so it might be worth looking...
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Camelot Unchained

Hi everyone i was reading the chat and so someone toking about CU and the alpha, and since i have it also just wandering how many people in the guild are going to be playing CU also :D
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