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OurFall of the Stormcrows

Hello all! I'm OurFall, guild leader of the Stormcrows. We're a group of guys trying to form a tight-knit pvp group with mercenary tendencies. I've had diplomatic contact with you as a client in the past and am here to keep it going. How're you do...
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OurFall Stormcrow4209Small OurFall Stormcrow 4y

What's good?

My online gaming alias is usually McDiezel, played WoW at it's release then on and off until MoP. Played a bit of EvE, but didn't feel like investing in a game that was stagnating when I joined. I literally have been begging for a fantasy type EvE...
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Hello 8)
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Hi, its me.
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Greetings.Consider this my introduction, application and my CV in MMORPGs. I've gone through MMORPGs through multiple names, Firebrand, Goldbrand, Frostbrand and so forth. My real name however is Jukka, in reality I am a Finnish born business man ...
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Hello Everyone :) My name is Árni and I am from the Faroe Islands :) I am currently 28 years of age and study Psychology at the University of Stirling in Scotland.I have a wealth of experience in MMORPG's and have held several leadership/Diplomati...
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Veit joining

Hi Guys /GirlsMy name is Daniel and i am from Germany.Iam 26 and not active serving in military(which means iam doing my apprenticeship to become a IT specialist while my military time is runing out)I played MMORPGs like TERA, Silkroad, Runes of M...
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I'm a man of few words.I want to strive to be a renown crafter and be a minotaur.Thank you for allowing me to join your ranks.
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Hello name is Francisco im from Venezuela 28, started playing MMO with UO for a short time then WoW for a couple of years but got bored after maxing a couple of characters. Probably going for a crafter/gathering as a main with an Forgemaster. Brok...
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Hello,I've been playing MMOs since early in EQ. And I've been all over the place since then. SWG, AO, Earth & Beyond, WoW, DAoC, LotRO, DDO, Eve, EQ2, STO, TSW, Rifts, Neverwinter, SW:TOR, PFO, Wildstar, Several that I either can't remember ...
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Hey all,Name is Erik, 29, from the states. Really excited about this game, loved MMOs every since I got my hands on Ultima Online way back when. Love the crafting component to any MMO and especially excited to see what ACE does with this. Amber ba...
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My name is Kevin and I'm from the US. I'm 41, married with a toddler. My primary experience in MMOs has been PvE, crafting, and guild management, not so much PvP. I am a huge GoT fan, and this game seems to offer so much more than just PvP tactics...
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Thats 20!

In less then 2 weeks we have gone from a pipe dream to 20 members and counting. Congratulations everyone lets keep pushing forward!
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Hey all! My name is Katherine, but you can call me Klasa or Kat if you'd like. I'm 18 years old and from the US. I'm currently studying at a university but undecided as to what exactly. As a huge Game of Thrones fan and MMO lover, I'm super excite...
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15 and counting.

Maybe we can get a Reality TV show? We made it to 15 Members and growing Great job everyone.. its nice to see so many active post here and Guild tags in Crowfall forums.
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Alex Gwyn

Hello, my name is Alex. I'm 16 years old from Wales, UK. I have just started my A Levels.Hopefully Crowfall becomes my new mmo, as from what I can see the crafting in it looks to be better than most if not all other mmos' and we still haven't seen...
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Hello everyone i'm Skelzo, 20 years old. I live in Denmark but ATM i'm in Australia working at a cattle farm.Looking forward Crowfall and hopefully it will be my new mmo home since i have not really been able to get into any mmo since i played Run...
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what races are you gonna play?

well don't need to add much more to that^^guinecean,hopefully they got a promotion class that focuses firearms
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We was talking in Chat Yesterday about how land works with EK' and i found this : Which bring me back to the questions I have asked 100 times with no answers. 1. Will tax free parcels negate me having to pay upkeep? 2. Can I buy m...
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Hey guys! I'm best known as Rat. I love crafting and making items as well as fighting for keeps and land!I love to theorycraft and chat about the game in the down time. Feel free to give me a shout if you need anything!Rat.
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