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#10911798 Apr 09, 2015 at 10:50 PM
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I have some bad news. Archie told me the other day that he would be leaving the guild and I can understand why. At the moment the guild is more or less directionless. I have not been good at making decisions regarding the guild. People are unsure what the guilds structure, rules and stance on some things are and because no one is sure things can be posted that other members disagree with. Its no ones fault but mine.

In the beginning when there where people joining almost everyday with new ideas it was very exciting but it became overwhelming for me. This is my first real experience with an MMO guild and I didn't think we would need those things so soon. I'm going to try to do better than I have been. I know we can get these things done. It may take a little more time and I know people don't want to wait. I hope you all can be patient with me and also with the other members.

With so much undecided right now things are bound to get said that are not the guilds official position on things because the guild has no official position on it yet. There is much we don't know about the game so there is much we cant really plan for. Things we think we'll do now may change in the future as new information is released.

Right now I'm trying to make some sort of simple campaign structure that I can understand. Unfortunately my brain is not as big as other members so I don't really understand much of the other ideas that have been suggested. I'm sure our pre-alpha structure will need more work than the little I have come up with and I'm sure the other officers will help me with it. I would hate to show it to you all now and look a fool.

I made another post the other day for the officers but I thought it came off as too harsh ( thanks for suggesting I wait an extra day Atlas) and that's not what I wanted. I hope this one is better. I'm not a very good writer.
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